Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sapremia (Death Metal) - Autumn's Moon (2013) (review)

Sapremia - Autumn's Moon (2013, Butchered Records)
Sapremia - Horrors (Writ in Sand) (5:12)
 Sapremia - Lying in the Weeds (4:38)
Sapremia - Threads of Sanity (4:55)
Sapremia - Spawn of Desolation (5:33)
Sapremia - Novias de Muerte (4:47)
Sapremia - Sheep Among Wolves (4:00)
Sapremia - The Moon in Autumn 
Sapremia - Disrupting the Creation Chamber

Butchered Records

Sevared Records



 Sapremia are no strangers to me or any of my shows & were one of the first bands I played on Internet radio. Autumn's Moon is the 3rd full length album from Sapemia & is available on Butchered Records and Sevared Records. I also have the EPs Sapremia released through the last few years & was very lucky to receive one of the band's old demos too. Don't mind me just embarking on a bit of a fan fair I guess lol. Its been great to see Sapremia grow, but still retain their solid direct approach presenting a non trend orientated style of death metal. Yes I'm talking about that same old message regarding current commercial trends especially with trend death I mean tech death, which grates on me.

  There has been a resurgence of late with many DM bands appearing who play more of a less polished & less manufactured style. It is why I recommend Autumn's Moon to everybody out there who just wants to hear something not concerned with a populist market. Sapremia simply just play & let the music speak for itself.

  When Autumn's Moon starts with the opening track 'Horrors (writ in sand') you can instantly hear the quality riffs & drumming before the pace picks up speed. I can see myself head banging in the living room and pulling macho poses with the odd photo shoot pose as I listen to this album.

   What this album does really well is display very strong riffs with clean solid vocals that match the intensity of the music. I find myself compelled to go back into the living room and jump on & off the sofa in rhythm to Autumn's Moon.   

  I guess as usual it does also depend on personal preference with what one enjoys the most from the various underground music scenes. However, in an age of everything being cloned & repackaged until no packaging remains it is nice to hear a band not concerned with fashionable trends whom simply just play an unfiltered sound for people to enjoy the way it should be. I've smiled vigorously recently due to the number of bands such as Sapremia who are bucking the tech death trend. 

Therefore, if you enjoy death metal designed to deliver meaty thrash inspired riffs used to formulate a head banging response then go to Butchered Records or Sevared Records to order a copy of Autumn's Moon.

Also be sure to check the live interview myself & Planet X Records will be doing with Sapremia on PX Radio after the band's current June tour. 1. 

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